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Its Summer! I’m Back! June 15, 2012

WOW the last time I posted on here was right before two of my best friend’s 21st birthdays and yes that weekend was “crayyy” as i put it. hahaha My friend’s Kelsey and Karissa are best friend’s and their birthdays are like 2 days apart and so we all got together in the city(San Fran) and went out Thursday, Friday, and Saturday that weekend.  On Thursday we went to this club called Temple and it was Ritual Dubstep that night. Amazing!  On Friday we went to the Mission and went to this Martini bar called Blondies which has the most amazing Martinis.  Over 25 different types to choose from and you get a huge glass with the extra in a glass! That night they had live music as well and we danced the night away.  The next day we went to House of Air, a trampoline filled warehouse where you can jump and jump and play trampoline dodgeball!  We all got so into it we actually got a little pissed at the kids that we were playing against. hahaha  That night we went out in the Mission again and ended up have to run to the muni so we didn’t miss it…that was not fun.

Other awesomeness that I have failed to blog about:

  • Rebelution concert
  • Slanted Door
  • Giants Game
  • Nicole and Dave got Married!
  • Sharks Playoff Game
  • Black Keys concert
  • Taco Tuesdays
  • Farmer’s Markets
  • Live 105’s BFD
  • New Season of True Blood
  • Micro-Brew Fest
  • Tanya Stephens

Its Summer!!! Cant wait to blog more about my summer adventures!

Here’s some tunes everyone should check out!

  1. Greyhound-Swedish House Mafia
  2. Internet Friends-Knife Party
  3. Mountain Sound-Of Monsters and Men
  4. Its a Pity-Tanya Stephens
  5. Pirate in the Water-Santigold

till next time!-K8


2012 so far… January 9, 2012

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It’s only a week into 2012 and I already have had a nice relaxing four day vacation and a New Year’s I will never forget!

On New Year’s I went to Sea of Dreams, with Santigold, Beats Antique, and Aman Tobin! All of my favorite people accompanied me and we had the time of our lives!! It was a night I will never forget! Waking up in SF the next morning was amazing! It was a clear, sunny, beautiful day and we went and got coffee and breakfast at Java Beach and spent the afternoon at the beach! I can’t wait for this year! It will hopefully be a big year with lots of amazing adventures!

Today I just got back from a quick vacation to Soda Springs!  Unfortunately there was absolutely no snow but it was still freezing cold.  We drove to Boontown, NV the first day and went to Cabela’s, the biggest outdoor shop ever! We went shooting and played games and cooked all our meals! It was a nice trip with some great friends!  I wish there was snow though so we could have played in the snow and gone snowboarding!! Hopefully we will get back up there once it snows!

New season of Shameless started tonight! Cant wait for this season it is gonna be great!

I also cannot wait to begin the The Girl Who Played With Fire, I just finished the 1st book and saw the new movie (INSANE)!!! Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me, an Xmas gift from my sister is another book i can’t wait to begin!

I think I am going to start a new thing where at the end of every post I list my 5 favorite songs of the week, which will make me post more and listen to more amazing music!

So this week my 5 favs are:

  1. Take Care feat. Rihanna – Drake
  2. Creator – Santigold
  3. The Best Thing I Never Had – Beyonce
  4. Do Ya Thang – Rihanna
  5. Set Fire to the Rain – ADELE

xoxo K8


Rain Rain Go Away…. June 7, 2011

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I cannot believe how long it has taken me to update on here! So much has happened in the last 3 months, I literally don’t know here to start. This post might have to come in stages because its going to be a long one. lets start at the very beginning…a very good place to start (haha name that movie)!  At the end of March, I went to VEGAS with Jessica and we had an amazing time! We stayed at the Polo Towers on the strip, right next to Planet Hollywood!  We saw the lions at MGM Grand, the water show at the Bellagio, stayed out till 6am, saw Fergie, and went to the best club (Chateau) and saw Flo Rida perform for freee!  After Vegas we drove all the way back to Santa Barbara, surprised Kyle (AKA got free cupcakes) and then I hung out in Santa Barbara for a few days and got to see old friends and seriously had an amazing, relaxing Spring Break!  April was a crazy school month, started to get “Senioritits” even though I didn’t graduate (got a whole nother year) 😦  ON EASTER SUNDAY, I had to go on a Geology Fieldtrip, which I was pretty pissed about, but it ended up being a lot of fun! We went to Pt. Lobos and spent the whole day in the woods, at the beach, walking around learning about ROCKS.  At the end of the month, I headed down to L.A. for Kyle’s Graduation from Pepperdine! I got lucky and got to stay down there for 5 days, so it was like a mini-vacation!  On Friday I went shopping at the Grove with Kyle’s Fam, saw Rob Lowe and Julia Stiles (LUMEN!!!), saw Kyle get awarded for being awesome in his specialty (Sorry I forget the correct name), watched like 5 movies, saw Kyle Graduate on the windiest day ever, got my computer stolen (yep I know), made a bombbb dinner, and got to relax and hang with my favorite person for 5 whole days!  MAY, ohh the month of May, fun-filled May.  Sister’s and Brother’s b-days, Gigantes Game (Cinco de Mayo), Finals, Celebrating (graduations, friends returning from Europe), Jazz Festival (Sheryl Crow), Movies–Bridesmaids, Pirates (twice), Hangover II, etc.  And now, its only 6 days into June, and it’s already been the craziest month out of them all.  Kyle came to Sonoma before he jetted off to North Carolina for the summer, my Grandparents from New York came to Sonoma for my Brother’s Graduation, my Bro graduated high school, saw X-Men: First Class (BLAHHHH), have eaten some amazing food (Sugo-Petaluma, Old Chicagos-Petaluma, Saddles-Sonoma, Harvest Moon-Sonoma), Gloria Ferrar, being with family and staying up late with friends, all I need is the sun!!!!

Today was non-stop.  Woke up at 6:30 to take Grandparents to the airport.  Got home around 10am, watched an episode of Justified (MUST WATCH SHOW!!! TIMOTHY OLYPHANT!!!!), went to Petaluma with Erin and saw Water for Elephants (SOOO good, read the book too!!), came home and went to Napa with the Sis to go to TARGET!  Got home and went to Haci, and Micheocana with Kris, David, Kels, and Bonnie and watched Duplex! “ohhhh Blueberries….”  Came home to find the Giants game still on, didn’t end till 5 min ago, bottom of the 13th Giants 5 Nationals 4. BOO YAHHH.

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Fall is HERE! October 12, 2010

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while driving home tonight, i looked outside my window and saw how windy it was, all the leaves were flailing around and right then i decided that it was finally fall.  During the days, it is still pretty hot, but at night it is perfect, sun setting early, cool breeze and leaves falling on the ground, always lets me know that fall is approaching.

That means its time for Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Fall Television (Grey’s Anatomy, Weeds, Dexter, and so on), MLB Playoffs (GO GIANTS), baking (and lots of it, especially pumpkin muffins :D), etc etc.  Here is something for the baker in everyone, found at SIGN OF THE BEAR! yaya

Also this month I’ll be attending some amazing concerts, one which already happened at the end of September,

Carrie Underwood!!

This week, I will be going to my second Maroon 5 concert and could not be anymore excited!! I’m going with my friends Erin and Megan and am trying to memorize their entire new album by Friday! Check it out!

Next week, i will be going to the Justin Bieber XBOX 360 LIVE TOUR with my younger sister who is obsessed with him.  But I cannot lie, i definitely have BIEBER FEVER!! bahahaa

my friend shared this link on FB, I though it was hilarious!

<a href=”http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/the-10-sexiest-pictures-of-justin-biebers-dad”>


I also just bought 3 new books and am soo excited to read them!

1. The Time Traveler’s Wife, one of my favorite books, which I have read 3 or 4 times already and love it more and more each time!

2. True Prep, a book that I read an excerpt from in Vanity Fair, and just had to buy it!

3. L.A. Candy: Sugar and Spice, c’mon every girl needs a trashy novel every once and a while 😉

Cant wait to read these!

i also just saw Life as we Know It, with Josh Duhamel, and Katherine Heigl last night and it was way better than expected! i cried, I laughed, and Heigl plays a baker with her own fine foods store, which I always love! Go see it!


That’s all for now, Enjoy!







Spring Break April 2, 2010

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Saturday 4/3

slept till almost noon! took my sister to Fluertique to show her a dress and say HI to Kelsey. made Orange Pound Cake for Easter. lazy day with the fam. Chicken Pot Pie for Dinner. Kelsey’s House to have Wii night with Sierra, Megan, and Kelsey!! Before we played wii, we made these delicious Carrot Cake muffinish sandwiches…with cream cheese frosting in between! SOOOO GOOD!! I had a great night especially cuz i got to see Sierra!!

Sunday 4/4


woke up super early to shower and find my Easter basket and then the whole fam headed to Los Gatos to visit with the rest of the Neely Clan. First we went to visit my Grandma (Mom’s Mom) up in the mountains for a bit, which brought back crazy memories from being small in this huge house and now after not being there for 10 years the house seemed soo small…CRAZY. After the blast from the past we headed back to Los Gatos for Easter with my Dad’s side of the fam.  The “children” found their eggs outside and then we had a late lunch.  Then the worst part came. 1. It started pouring, like windy rain almost hail. 2. I had to drive back to SB in that weather. Seriously? I did not want to drive back in the first place and then to have to drive in that awful weather just made me depressed.  I made it back in one piece around 10pm and passed out by midnight. School at 11am the next day. GOODBYE SPRING BREAK 😦

Updated 4/6/2010


let me break this down for you because my spring break has been pretty fantastic so far and I feel the need to share it with everyone!

Thursday 3/25

CRAZYYYYY DAY!!! after taking my Pre-Columbian Art History Midterm (93% baby!!), I headed down to LA to visit Kyle and hang out before Erin arrived! He really wanted to take me to The Grove, an outside shopping mall where famous people go all the time 😀 and then after we would go pick Erin up at LAX….so much for shopping at the Grove….on our way Kyle’s car pretty much EXPLODED!! well not really…but green fluid started spraying onto the windshield and his car started smoking…so we pulled over and after waiting THREE HOURS for the tow truck we were finally on our way to LAX…thanks to Kyle’s awesome friend Tatiana!! Erin ended up having to wait for like an hour at LAX and I felt soo bad, but we finally got there and then later that evening we went to TIGERHEAT, a club in Hollywood, which was sooo fun! we stayed out pretty late and by 3am we were headed back to Calabasas and passed out right away.

Friday 3/26

8am (5hrs after going to sleep) “Kate, wake up! We need to go now!” Because Kyle has no car Erin and I had to take him to school and we needed to get through the canyon before construction started…great.  I dragged myself out of bed (couch?) and got ready…good thing we went to starbucks 🙂 and Erin got to see Malibu, which is beautiful, and Pepperdine, which is amazing! Erin and I then drove back on PCH because it was a gorgeous day and driving right on the coast is always a plus.  When we got back to Santa Barbara, I took Erin to a beautiful beach in Montecito, called Butterfly Beach…gorgeous!  After that we went downtown and I took her to Pinkberry…can you say Mango FroYo?? YUMMM. We shopped around a bit and then by 2pm we were ready to take a nap! Instead we went back to my apartment and I showed her all around Isla Vista, went to FREEBIRDS and then we saw Repo Men (Crazy good BTW)…after the movie we went back and just stayed in and watched  The Office and Cougar Town and ended up going to bed at like 11:30pm

Saturday 3/27

wake up. pack. get smoothie. drive up 101. stop in Arroyo Grande. get Starbucks. drive some more. King City. Subway and Gas. 101. Krispy Kreme. SF. and finally, Erin and I get home to  SONOMA!!  Very tired but happy to be home, my Dad and I watched Top Gun…on VHS…Classic.

Sunday 3/28

8am…once again “Kate, wake up!” Headed to Los Gatos/San Jose for the day to celebrate my Grandma’s Birthday, Hawaiian style!! YAYA. Dinner at Cheesecake Factory and Green Zone with Dad and Brother.

Monday 3/29

Slept in finally. Played Rock Band with my bro all day. made dinner (Tacos Yumm)

Tuesday 3/30

Hell Day. Started off amazing having Breakfast with Kelsey @ Big 3, Lemon Pancakes for her and French Toast for me! Heaven in my mouth right there.  Then I’m not going to bore you with my Car Problems but to sum it up i failed my Smog Test but the guy was being very uncommunicative and wouldn’t tell me why it was failing.GRRRR whatever.  Made dinner again, Pasta with sausage and marinara sauce, soo good!! Saw Repo Men again!

Wednesday 3/31

watched The Talented Mr. Ripely w/Jude Law and Matt Damon :), Rock Band again with the brother, Adventure to Taco Bell and Hot Shots with the Bro talking in English accents the entire trip, Raisin Spice Bars. Dinner with the girls, Kelsey, Erin, and Megan at LOKAL, a new European (German) restaurant in town…really good!! Then EDK for dessert, Vanilla Cheesecake with Raspberry coulis…Heaven in my mouth again.  Mom and Sister come home from Washington DC! So excited to finally see them!

Thursday 4/1


took my car to get fixed. Bagel Shop. Santa Rosa to get a transcript sent to SF state. Costco. Old Navy. Target. find out my car’s battery had acid all over it and that my radiator is leaking…lovely.  Went and saw The Last Song with my sister and Brooke! It was really good, definitely a tear-jerker. dinner with the family. Brownie Pudding. Survivor. Grey’s Anatomy. Private Practice. Season Finale of Real World DC :(. sleep.

Today, Friday 4/2

not too much going on, its raining a lot.  Gonna go bowling with the fam and then out to dinner later!  so sad that I only have 2 days left here in Sonoma and of spring break. I cannot wait to move back here over summer and hopefully to SF this Fall!! crossing my fingers I hear from SF state soon!  I am soo excited that my friends are excited I’m moving back!! Love you all xoxo

I will update with the rest of my adventures soon!


Grape Juice February 2, 2010

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It’s my second week back in Santa Barbara and its going okay.  I love my classes even though I have school Mon-Thurs.  I’m taking American Art, Pre-Columbian Art, Music Appreciation, Intro to Film, and American Contemporary Film.  I have already watched a few movies for film and this week I’m going to watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  So excited, I’ve never seen it before.  I’m trying to focus on school and it’s actually going quite well.

I drink grape juice pretty much all the time in my reusable Starbucks cup and I’m getting a good amount of sleep.  I went to L.A. last week and hung out with my best friend. We went shopping, saw a movie, and went out to dinner.  I might go see him again this weekend.

That’s all for now but I’ll leave some stuff to check out!

  • The band The Cab, I heard them on Real World D.C. and they are great…songs  to check out are Bounce and Take My Hand.
  • New TV: The Deep End, Thursdays @ 8pm on ABC, Kell on Earth, Mondays @ 10pm on Bravo
  • Movies: A Single Man, Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Matthew Goode (LOVE), and Nicholas Hoult (SKINS!). When in Rome…i don’t recommend, but Josh Duhamel is Hottt!

End of Summer… August 18, 2009

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wow i literally have not posted in over a month, and i haven’t even been busy.  no job. still.  I am going insane.  Some days i lay in bed for hours doing nothing, or watching hours of TV, losing brain cells.  Other days i venture out into my neighborhood to get some candy, or wash my car, and follow up on some job possibilities, but I’m so drained from this job search that some days i just say i cant do this anymore.

I start school in a week and am so not ready. actually i am ready to start new, again, but summer went by so fast!  as of now, i have class mon and wed from 8am to 5pm but i also have to take a math class which i have to take a placement test for first.  I’m so nervous for it, because i really want to get placed in a certain class so i don’t completely screw up my transfer plan. crossing my fingers.  in the next few days i need to do a test drive to school so that i know when to leave and i need to go find all my classes so i don’t get lost.

I’m gonna give you all a recap of my last month

  • settled into my new apartment
  • went to Disneyland for my birthday with my best friends
  • SB pride
  • had an interview @ Williams Sonoma
  • went to Malibu and Santa Monica a few times
  • went to the Cali Mid-State Fair with Jessica and saw Kelly Clarkson in concert
  • saw the Fray in concert at SB Bowl w/Kyle and Jessica
  • partied in IV w/ some new and old friends
  • went to Disneyland again with my family
  • saw The Ugly Truth, 500 days of Summer, The Time Traveler’s Wife, and The Goods
  • read L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad and The Time Traveler’s Wife (for the third time) by Audrey Niffinegger (sp)
  • done way to many dishes and not enough laundry

Sounds like a lot but not really, it was all a blast though. this weekend I’m up in Sonoma, visiting family and friend before school starts.  I am having so much fun in SB, but sometimes i think that maybe i made too quick of a decision to move.  I could have worked at home all summer and then moved, or i could have just stayed at SRJC for another year…but then i think about how much fun i have been having living in SB, on my own, with my best friend, i go back and forth.  I try to live with no regrets, so this isn’t any excuse, once i get a job and school starts i think i will have a better outlook on things…it’s just now I’m in this sort of funky limbo/rut that i cant get out of.

to get it out of my mind i watch True Blood (so delicious), Weeds (watch w/roomie), Skins (craziness), among others…

hopefully next time i write, i will have some interesting stories about school or a new job, or even some new friends…until then live laugh love 🙂