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Asian Art Museum and a peek into Castro Confidential January 16, 2012

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On Wednesday, I finally made it to the Asian Art Museum in SF to see the Secrets of the Maharaja exhibition as well as Sanjay Patel’s Deities, Demons, and Dude’s with ‘Staches.

The Maharaja exhibit was amazing!  All the robes and jewelry that the royalty of India wore; I’m talking diamonds, rubies, emeralds, pearls, silver, gold…and all the hookahs and spice jars and games they played.  The exhibit also showcased the decoration and adornments of the elephants for when they were decorated for processions and ceremonial events.  I highly recommend this exhibition.  It’s only $12 for students and $17 for adults to see the Maharaja exhibit as well as the rest of the museum and you get the audio for free!

I’ve just recently become interested in more contemporary Indian and Asian art from the Contemporary Asian Art class that I took last semester and Sanjay Patel’s animations of the Hindu gods are sa-weeet! I’m tellin ya they are so cool! I bought the poster book of them and have been showing my friends and looking through it non-stop!  Here’s what it looks like:

sooooo awesome!

So, after the Museum, my friend Makiko and I met up with Kyle and took muni to the Castro for Happy Hour!  First we went to this club/bar called the Lookout. We sat outside, upstairs and had a great view of the Castro Streets below us.  We got Margaritas and Chips and guac there and after headed to Harvey’s and once there Makiko and I ordered pear ciders and Kyle got a Bloody Mary.  I was starving by this point and I ordered a Chicken Tostada, which was amazing and my friends took the liberty of devouring it with me. 🙂  On our way back to the Muni station we got cookies at HOT COOKIE.  best snickerdoodle ever!

Top 5 Songs of the Week:

  1. Heartbreaker feat. LOVEFOXXX – Steve Aoki
  2. Werk Me – Hyper Crush
  3. Niggas in Paris – Kanye West and Jay-Z
  4. Summer is Over – Jon McLaughlin and Sara Bareilles
  5. Take Care feat. Rihanna – Drake (CANT STOP LISTENING TO THIS SONG!!!)

I also saw Contraband with Mark Wahlberg last night and I definitely recommend it!

p.s. Visit my friend Kyle’s blog, Castro Confidential!!!!


2012 so far… January 9, 2012

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It’s only a week into 2012 and I already have had a nice relaxing four day vacation and a New Year’s I will never forget!

On New Year’s I went to Sea of Dreams, with Santigold, Beats Antique, and Aman Tobin! All of my favorite people accompanied me and we had the time of our lives!! It was a night I will never forget! Waking up in SF the next morning was amazing! It was a clear, sunny, beautiful day and we went and got coffee and breakfast at Java Beach and spent the afternoon at the beach! I can’t wait for this year! It will hopefully be a big year with lots of amazing adventures!

Today I just got back from a quick vacation to Soda Springs!  Unfortunately there was absolutely no snow but it was still freezing cold.  We drove to Boontown, NV the first day and went to Cabela’s, the biggest outdoor shop ever! We went shooting and played games and cooked all our meals! It was a nice trip with some great friends!  I wish there was snow though so we could have played in the snow and gone snowboarding!! Hopefully we will get back up there once it snows!

New season of Shameless started tonight! Cant wait for this season it is gonna be great!

I also cannot wait to begin the The Girl Who Played With Fire, I just finished the 1st book and saw the new movie (INSANE)!!! Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me, an Xmas gift from my sister is another book i can’t wait to begin!

I think I am going to start a new thing where at the end of every post I list my 5 favorite songs of the week, which will make me post more and listen to more amazing music!

So this week my 5 favs are:

  1. Take Care feat. Rihanna – Drake
  2. Creator – Santigold
  3. The Best Thing I Never Had – Beyonce
  4. Do Ya Thang – Rihanna
  5. Set Fire to the Rain – ADELE

xoxo K8


Rain Rain Go Away…. June 7, 2011

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I cannot believe how long it has taken me to update on here! So much has happened in the last 3 months, I literally don’t know here to start. This post might have to come in stages because its going to be a long one. lets start at the very beginning…a very good place to start (haha name that movie)!  At the end of March, I went to VEGAS with Jessica and we had an amazing time! We stayed at the Polo Towers on the strip, right next to Planet Hollywood!  We saw the lions at MGM Grand, the water show at the Bellagio, stayed out till 6am, saw Fergie, and went to the best club (Chateau) and saw Flo Rida perform for freee!  After Vegas we drove all the way back to Santa Barbara, surprised Kyle (AKA got free cupcakes) and then I hung out in Santa Barbara for a few days and got to see old friends and seriously had an amazing, relaxing Spring Break!  April was a crazy school month, started to get “Senioritits” even though I didn’t graduate (got a whole nother year) 😦  ON EASTER SUNDAY, I had to go on a Geology Fieldtrip, which I was pretty pissed about, but it ended up being a lot of fun! We went to Pt. Lobos and spent the whole day in the woods, at the beach, walking around learning about ROCKS.  At the end of the month, I headed down to L.A. for Kyle’s Graduation from Pepperdine! I got lucky and got to stay down there for 5 days, so it was like a mini-vacation!  On Friday I went shopping at the Grove with Kyle’s Fam, saw Rob Lowe and Julia Stiles (LUMEN!!!), saw Kyle get awarded for being awesome in his specialty (Sorry I forget the correct name), watched like 5 movies, saw Kyle Graduate on the windiest day ever, got my computer stolen (yep I know), made a bombbb dinner, and got to relax and hang with my favorite person for 5 whole days!  MAY, ohh the month of May, fun-filled May.  Sister’s and Brother’s b-days, Gigantes Game (Cinco de Mayo), Finals, Celebrating (graduations, friends returning from Europe), Jazz Festival (Sheryl Crow), Movies–Bridesmaids, Pirates (twice), Hangover II, etc.  And now, its only 6 days into June, and it’s already been the craziest month out of them all.  Kyle came to Sonoma before he jetted off to North Carolina for the summer, my Grandparents from New York came to Sonoma for my Brother’s Graduation, my Bro graduated high school, saw X-Men: First Class (BLAHHHH), have eaten some amazing food (Sugo-Petaluma, Old Chicagos-Petaluma, Saddles-Sonoma, Harvest Moon-Sonoma), Gloria Ferrar, being with family and staying up late with friends, all I need is the sun!!!!

Today was non-stop.  Woke up at 6:30 to take Grandparents to the airport.  Got home around 10am, watched an episode of Justified (MUST WATCH SHOW!!! TIMOTHY OLYPHANT!!!!), went to Petaluma with Erin and saw Water for Elephants (SOOO good, read the book too!!), came home and went to Napa with the Sis to go to TARGET!  Got home and went to Haci, and Micheocana with Kris, David, Kels, and Bonnie and watched Duplex! “ohhhh Blueberries….”  Came home to find the Giants game still on, didn’t end till 5 min ago, bottom of the 13th Giants 5 Nationals 4. BOO YAHHH.

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Mojitos and Margaritas! February 10, 2011

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It’s almost the end of the third week of school, I can’t believe it! SF State is awesome! I’m taking four classes this semester and they are going great so far!  I’ll tell you all about them!

  • Art and Architecture of Islam: I’m so excited for this class! we are talking in-depth about the Dome of the Rock, and the beautiful art and architecture of the Islamic culture. There are three hallmarks of the Islamic culture, and they are calligraphy, geometric symbols, and floral designs.  I’m very interested to learn a lot in this class!
  • Rock Music since the Mid-1960s: Just added this class last-minute, last week and I love it! All we have been talking about is the Beatles and listening to songs like, Strawberry Fields Forever, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, etc! I love it
  • Art of South India: This class is super interesting so far! We started at the beginning of time with the Indus Valley Civilization and now we are talking about the stupas at Sanchi, with are said to have some of the remains of Buddha in the center.  There are all kinds of cool stories called jatakas, about the previous lives of the Buddha.
  • Geology of National Parks: COOLEST CLASS EVER!!! by teacher is freaking awesome! So stoked on this class! We get to go on two field trips, one to Point Reyes, and the other to Point Lobos! Cant Wait!

Last weekend was pretty eventful too!  Friday night, Kris, David, Bonnie and I went to La Casa for dinner, and I had Fajitas and a raspberry Margarita! they were soo good! YUM. After, we went to EDK for drinks and dessert. I got a mojito and we all shared ice cream sandwiches dipped in chocolate, with raspberry and caramel dipping sauces! AMAZING! Saturday night, I went out for Brooke’s 22nd Birthday! Sierra and I met up with Brooke, her boyfriend, Melissa, Megan, Jenna, Maddy, and some of Brooke’s friends from Napa and we did went to the Swiss and Town Square!  It was a blast!!

  • p.s. I saw the Roommate and it sucked!

Crazy Life January 20, 2011

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It has almost been a month since I posted, sorry everyone! I have been incredibly busy this winter break, I feel completely exhausted.  As you all know I love lists so I am going to once again tell you all about my winter break in list form 😉

  • The first week of December i went down to LA to surprise my friend for her Birthday! I flew into LAX and Kyle picked me up and we headed to Santa Barbara to surprise her! It was her 21st and she was soo surprised! It was the perfect surprise!
  • I went and saw the Nutcracker Ballet for the first time and it was breathtaking!!
  • Saw Sara Bareilles in concert for the 5th time!
  • had the FLU…on CHRISTMAS!
  • got an iPod Touch and a GPS system
  • had a pretty awesome New Years with all my favorite girls!
  • saw way to many movies (127 Hours, How Do you Know, The Kings Speech, Black Swan, Country Strong, True Grit, and Somewhere)
  • Had my SFSU orientation
  • went to Trivia night
  • Went to Tahoe
  • played way to much Just Dance

There are probably many more things I did but that’s all I can think of right now! AHHHH I’m sad Winter Break is almost over, but I am soo excited to start at a new school in a week!  SFSU here I come!!


Day 13 December 14, 2010

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13. Christmas Movies


My 25 Favorite Things About the Holiday Season December 6, 2010

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One for each day before Christmas. Since I missed the first 5 days, here they are:

1. gloves

Just got these at Target



2. Movies

New Favorite Movie

Favorite Holiday film

3. Boots




4. Scarves


5. Hot Chocolate



Hopefully I’ll remember to update tomorrow with another favorite thing 🙂