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City Livin’ September 5, 2012

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I am finally in my last semester at SF state, and I cannot wait to be done!! As of about a week ago, the day before my last first day of school, I MOVED TO SAN FRANCISCO!! I am in love with this city, and am so excited to be living with some of my best friends–Taylour, Karissa, and David!  I cannot wait to explore SF more than I already have. I can’t wait to EAT great food, and EXPLORE my neighborhood, and TAKE THE BUS instead of driving.  I can’t wait to go to museums more often, see more shows, and spend time with all the great people that live here in this city.  I am still commuting home on the weekends to work at the kitchen store, but I already wish i was in the city full time!!  In just a week I have already had a great time here in the city…let me break it down for ya folks.

  • Family Dinners Sunday-Wednesday–chicken noodle soup, turkey stroganoff, tacos, homemade pesto with angel hair–
  • SOJA, Slightly Stoopid, and 311 concert
  • Giants Game on Labor Day with Giants winning 9-8 in the 10th inning!
  • Noriega Teriyaki House

we also have a little kitty named Hoodie and she is the most adorable kitty ever…ill post a photo later 🙂

For my last semester I am taking some pretty sweet classes!

Hatha Yoga

Intro to Textile Design

Drawing 1

Art for Children

The Artist in the 20th and 21st Centuries

I have also become obsessed with the TV show Misfits! Everyone should check it out!! Seasons 1-3 are on HULU.

Some tunes I can’t stop listening too

  1. Here I am-SOJA feat. Rebelution
  2. Brothers and Sisters-SOJA
  3. Echoes-The Rapture
  4. I Will Wait-Mumford and Sons
  5. Hey Ho-The Lumineers

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