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A San Fran Halloween!!! November 8, 2011

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Last week was Halloween and I have to say that it was one of the best Halloween’s I have ever had! My friends and I got a huge group together and went out in SF.  We started off the night hanging out at a couple of friend’s apartments in the Sunset getting ready, dancing, and of course taking shots of lime vodka!  After missing a couple L trains we finally got one and started heading to the Castro.  Once we got to the Castro, we realized how crazy it is on Halloween! Cops everywhere, costumes everywhere, people everywhere…we couldn’t handle it and got right back on the L towards Polk st.  Once we made it to Polk st. we headed to Big Foot Lodge where they were having a bingo tournament. This place is so cool, they have taxidermy on the walls and Yogi bear cartoons playing on the tvs.  After playing a few rounds of bingo, we headed across the street to Cinch where we got $4 shots and super strong drinks. *thumbs up*  The last bar we went to was by far my favorite! Vertigo.  They have a great DJ all the time, a fairly large dance floor, great drinks(pineapple infused vodka actually had pineapple chucks in it yummmm) and an covered outdoor area!  After the bars closed a few of us went and got THE BEST DONUTS EVER at Bob’s Donuts and then pizza after.  Luckily I did some research and found a cab company that was giving out free cab rides on Halloween, and we got our cab back to the Sunset for free!  Such a great night with my closest friends! Cant wait to keep having great nights to remember!

Here’s some pics from the night!

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