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CSS @The Fillmore! October 10, 2011

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On Thursday, Oct. 6th i went to one of the best concerts of my life! CSS is a group from Brazil and I started listening to them in high school.  Their song Music is My Hot Hot Sex was my favorite song for zoo long and then i discovered that all their music was amazing.  Some of my favorite song include, Lets Reggae all Night, Move, City Girl, Hits Me Like a Rock, Jager Yoga, and La Liberacion.  

The show was at the Fillmore in SF and my friend Kyle went with me! The opening act was a group called Cookie Dough and to my surprise they were a group of drag queens!! It was amazing!! check them out in the Castro every Thursday Night at The Edge Bar !!

The next group was MEN and they were amazing as well.  JD Samson is an amazing musician and the rest of the band killed it! Check them out here!!

I don’t exactly know what I was expecting to happen next, but I was soo excited for CSS to start! The band came out and started getting read and then LOVEFOXXX came out in a cape and a kitten mask and started singing the first song and I was hooked! CSS is soooo full of energy and they are all so happy and LOVEFOXXX is crazy!! Love her! She jumped in the crowd a few times too!  To be honest I was completely enamored by Luiza Sa, the guitarist. She is just such a great musician and so beautiful! love her!!!  So basically I never wanted this show to end but when it did I completely amazed.  CSS has so much energy!  I ended up getting the set list and Luiza’s guitar pick! And then as we were about to leave we saw LOVEFOXX and Luiza taking pics with everyone! So I got pics with both of them and they signed my set list!!! SO AMAZING!  Definitely check out CSS if you haven’t heard of them, your life will change! CSS

Here are a few pics of the night!! xoxo

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