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March Madness March 15, 2011

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this month is almost half over, but it has already been a crazy, amazing month!

The first week of this month, Kyle was in Sonoma/SF for his spring break and I finally got to see him, as well as some of his amazing friends from LA!  We had a dinner party at his house, and I made my orange pound cake and a spaghetti squash greek salad!  We caught up, played catchphrase and had lots of laughs.  The next day I met Kyle and Brittany for lunch and shopping.  We ate at the Slanted Door and then went to Westfields.  Jessica was also in town that weekend and we met up for a drink Friday night and caught up!  The next night Sierra, Katie, David, Kris, and I drove to SF to celebrate Alyse’s 22nd birthday! We started at Hooters and then went to Polk St. It was a blast!

This last week was pretty crazy. I had two midterms, one in my Art and Architecture of Islam class, and another in my Geology class.  The art one went well but the Geology one….ehhh get back to me on that one.  At least his curve is nice and if I get a “C” I will be more than happy!  After my midterms I was ready to get wild, and on Saturday, David, Kris, Nikki, and I went to SF for the St. Patty’s day Parade and Festival! It got pretty crazy, but it was soo much fun!  Lets just day I plan on taking it easy this week. 🙂


Things i’m looking forward to:

  • Hanging out with Brooke tomorrow 🙂
  • my Geology Fieldtrip on Sunday
  • VEGAS in 10 days! with Jessica!!!
  • Santa Barbara in 12 days!
  • Spring Break!
  • Kyle’s Graduation ahhhhhhh!

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