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Bittersweetness November 15, 2010

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the reason i made the title of this post bittersweetness is because the past couple weeks have been just that, bittersweet.


I have been working a lot and doing a bunch of school work, but still managing to have a social life.  The last week of October was amazing and horrible all at the same time.  I drove down to SF for the day and went to the De Young with kelsey for the Post-Impressionism exhibit!  It was breathtaking, amazing. I got to see Van Gogh, Cezanne, Monet, Seraut, Degas, etc, some of my favorite artists.

That evening we watched the Giants game and made nachos and an amazing drink with tequilla, lime juice, lemon juice, and sparkling cranberry-apple juice. It was an amazing day spent with great friends.

Upon returning to Sonoma the next morning, bad news struck. My Grandma, who had been sick for a while, passed away that morning. I didn’t know how to deal with it, I still don’t.  No one close to me has ever died.  I am heartbroken, but don’t want to be weak in front of my family, or anyone.  I was able to talk with friends who were there for me, which helped a lot.  I feel like I was supposed to just stay home and cry, but I couldn’t.  I needed to be with people, which I think helped me cope and deal with this a lot better than if I didn’t have people there for me.

I love my friends!! I hope they know that I am grateful for them!

That weekend was Halloween and i decided to just stay home and me mellow.  My friends Eva and Brooke came over and we watched SCREAM! It was filmed in Sonoma, which I thought was soooo cool so we had to watch it, and they had both never seen it!  I still need to see the 2nd and 3rd and cannot wait for the 4th to come out in April!

The first week in November was pretty uneventful, one of my friends moved to mexico for 6 months! I already miss him soo much, but know that he is having a blast and i cant wait to go visit him, hopefully!

Something that my friends and  I cannot get enough of is Just Dance 2 for wii!!

It is sooo much fun and actually a good workout! Alyse, Erin, Kris and I played two days in a row a couple weeks ago and then Erin, Kris, and kelsey and I played again on Friday! SOO FUNNNN!


This week was pretty busy, I had a paper due on Wednesday in Art, and had to complete some Work Experience hours.  I worked most of the week, went to my friend Michelle’s Jewelry Party Saturday, and babysat that night.  i also made some cookies for my Grandpa, his favorite, my great-grandmother’s hamburger cookies.

Yesterday, I received some amazing news! I’ve been accepted to SF State for spring semester!! HUUUUU WHAAAAA yaya so stoked!


This week is busy once again, and Harry Potter is coming out! Thursday at Midnight, already got my ticket.





3 Responses to “Bittersweetness”

  1. hamburger cookies look delicious! could you share the recipe?

  2. Sierra Says:

    Don’t forget that I am here for you! I loved our cryfest, it felt really good! My mom brought me to the community center when they were filming scream! I don’t remember it very much but I remember my mom freaking out that “monica” was there! Haha Those cookies look bomb!!!

  3. kateliveslaughsloves Says:

    Thanks but the recipe is a family recipe!

    Love you sierra! I’m here for you too if you need anything!! xoxo

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