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SUMMER 2010 September 6, 2010

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WOAH it has been ages since I have written on here! This summer has been a blast and I cannot believe I am already going into my fourth week of school!  I’m at the Santa Rosa Junior College and its my last semester!! Woot!! I just applied to San Francisco State a week ago and hopefully will be going there this coming Spring.  I guess I’ll give you all a recap of my glorious summer, traveling in California and out of California!  Pictures to follow!

June began with a concert in the city with my friend Brooke.  Good Charlotte, Boys Like Girls, All Time Low, and The Ready Set all played and were amazing!  Next was my sister’s Eighth Grade Graduation, then a weekend trip to SB to say goodbye to friends, Barbara and Elysse and to go to an amazing concert with Jessica; The Dirty Heads, Iration, Cage the Elephant, and Sublime with ROME.  The next week summer school began, the dreaded Math 155, that i somehow managed to get and “A” in!!  My Dad’s Birthday, and other short trip to SB to move fully out of my apartment and back to Sonoma.  I ended June with a mid-week getaway with my Fam to Bodega Bay, where i read and relaxed by the beach.

July, my birthday month, was amazing!  Fourth of July first, was probably the best Fourth I’ve had with the best friends ever!! Then on the 10th was my 21st Birthday, spent with Brooke, Erin, Kelsey, and Megan, a night I will remember forever!!  A week later, I had a Birthday Party with some close friends, that ended up being a complete blast!!  I also took kickboxing all of July and managed to have fun and lose a little weight in the process.

August began with the best trip ever!!! On monday the 2nd, i flew down to LA to hang out with Kyle until we flew to Washington DC on wednesday to visit Jessica!!  we stayed in DC for 3 days and then took a bus to NYC, where Makiko met us and we all had an amazing time in NYC. We went out, met up with friends, and went to the Guggenheim!!  After NYC we went back to DC for 2 more days, and I got to see my old amazing roommate from JWU, Annick!! That trip was a blast, I got to see old friends and meet some great new ones, it is a trip I will always remember!!  After getting back from back east, i went to a Giants game with a whole lot of people for a friend’s going away party, then Fall semester began, and the weekend of the 21st, I went up to Chico for a friend’s housewarming party!! Kris, David, Erin, Alyse, and I all drove up together and met up with like 10 other people and had an amazing time!  Last weekend was my friend Kelsey’s 21st Birthday and on Friday we went to the city, attended a Giants game, went out for drinks to celebrate, and had a blast!  The next night we went out in Sonoma to celebrate again, and then on Sunday my sister and I went to the City and saw Wicked!! It was even better than the first time I saw it!!

September This past week I went to the city to go to the Birth of Impressionism Exhibition at the De Young Museum, and it was breathtaking, especially seeing Monet’s Garre Saint Lazare, beautiful.  On Saturday evening my friend Eva-Marie and I made pizza!  We got the dough from this great place in town The Red Grape and made two delicious pizzas!  Tomorrow I have the day off and My mom and I are planning to go to Sausalito to see the Arts Festival.

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One Response to “SUMMER 2010”

  1. Sierra Says:

    Best Summer everrrrrR! I had such an amazing time with youuuu!!!

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