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California Gurl May 11, 2010

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I haven’t written in a while do to chronic stress and the fact i have been non-stop busy lately.  On Friday, i woke up at 7am to meet my Dad and Brother and drive to Arizona.  A 10 hour drive i might add.  I was soo excited to see them because i hadn’t since spring break.  We drove the long drive to Phoenix, where we stopped to attend a Arizona D-Backs vs Milwalkiee Brewers game.  It was fun, especially since we didn’t care who won (Brewers 3-2).  After the game we left the stadium and stepped back into the 90 degree Phoenix heat (@9pm!!).  The reason we were even in Arizona was because my cousin was graduating college from Embery-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott.  Now something I was unaware of was the fact that Prescott is at 5,000ft elevation, and the sun is almost a mile closer to you and you can get sunburn really quite easily.  Everyone and I mean everyone, me, my brother, my dad, my cousin, my uncle, etc all got sunburned, even after putting on sunscreen.

The little mini-vacation to AZ was great and I was very excited to spend time with my family, but i was ready to be back in CA, too many cacti in AZ.  On the way back to SB we stopped and surprised Kyle at work and he gave up free cupcakes 😀 soo excited!

Once we finally got back to SB I took my Dad and Brother to Silvergreens and had a delicious/healthy/balanced meal.  Then I had to watch a movie for my online film class, Memento, which was very good! I highly recommend it.  After the movie I started packing some things up that my Dad was going to take back to Sonoma for me…4 boxes and a Desk later, my apartment is already starting to look different, and a little barren 😦 I am moving back to Sonoma in 10 days and it’s actually starting to hit me! I am beyond excited, but it’s also bittersweet, leaving the few good friends I have here behind, and going back to my comfort zone…I have decided that it is what is best for me and I know I will be happy back home.

These last 10 days are going to be insane! This is my last week of work, 4 days and then I am done at TELEFUND, once again a bittersweet feeling…I have actually made some good girlfriends at work and will actually miss our laughing fits and office gossip 😉 soo i bid adieu to my Telefund friends BUH BYEEEE NAO heeheheee

Today in film we watched out last movie, THE HANGOVER!! Everyone was so excited, and so was I but the other class got to watch The Hurt Locker a film i have been wanting to see a while, so i kind of wish we had watched that.

Another crazy this that happened over the weekend…MY COMPUTER BROKE. FML seriously. FML My last week of school and my comp decides to break. cool.

I have so many shows to catch up on from last week, and need to do so before my week gets too out of control…so goodnight and goodluck my friends xoxo


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  1. Sierra Says:

    I cant wait for you to come back! Packing is so crazy! I am all moved back to sonoma! Your film class sounds awesome! I wanna take it! Im done with school tomoro! yee!

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