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ok so i keep thinking I want to write something bust i dont know what…since i have been so busy and can hardly keep it all in my head i’ve decided to write down my schedule for the next 3 weeks, just a little overview of everything going on until school is over. OK here it goes.

Week of April 25th

Sunday: SBMA (Santa Barbara Museum of Art) research for my American Art History Paper, Work 3-7pm, Music Now concert at SBCC for Music class (AMAZING BTW)

Monday: School 11-5pm

Tuesday: School 9-11am, write film paper (due Wednesday) Work 5-9pm Study for Music test (Wed)

Wednesday: School no American Art! YAY 12:45-5 Music test at 12:45 and Film paper due at 3

Thursday: School 9-11am Lab Hours 11-?? Work 5-9pm

Friday-Saturday: Work 1-5pm ERIN HERE!!!! Bowling? Shopping? Party? FUN FUN FUN

Week of May 2nd

Sunday: Work 3-7pm work on American Art Paper(Due Mon)

Monday: School 11-5 American Art paper due @11

Tuesday: School 9-11am Work 5-9( or 1-7)

Wednesday: School 11-5

Thursday: School 9-11am Work 5-9 (or 1-7) Dad and Brother HERE

Friday-Sunday: ARIZONA w/ Dad and Brother!!

OK i got bored of writing… but im crazy busy and my back already hurts! GAHHHHHHHH I need sleep

love you all xoxo



  1. Sierra Says:

    Wow! Craziness! Good luckkkk!

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