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Moving Forward March 15, 2010

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Now that I am pretty positive that I will be moving home in May, I’m trying to focus on what is most important.  School is my number one priority at the moment and it is actually paying off.  I have been doing well in my classes pulling off A’s and B’s on my tests and only one C so far.

Since I still don’t have a job, it has been hard to make food like I used too.  But because of a few blogs I have been reading pretty regularly lately and http://culinaryescapades.wordpress.com/ and smittenkitchen.com, i want to get back into baking and cooking home cooked meals, even if they are just for me.:)  I’m going to be frugal in my grocery shopping, but still buy things that i can make a few good meals a week with.  And hopefully I can get a job soon!

Only 2 more weeks until Spring Break, I cannot wait!!! My friend Erin is coming to visit and we are gonna hang out in L.A. with Kyle and go clubbing and maybe to LACMA and then I am going to show her around SB for a few days until we drive up north to Sonoma!! I am so excited to go home for a while!! Once Spring break is over only about a month and a half left here until Summer!!

I am really dreaming big this summer and am pretty certain it will be EPIC.  Even though I will most likely be in summer school for the first half, i want to take a trip back east to DC, Boston, and NYC and also visit my friend Rachel in CO, as well as spend time in Sonoma and SF!!  I’m really looking forward to Summer 2010 and being home again!!



  • Read Lauren Conrad’s second installment of L.A. Candy, Sweet Little Lies! I read it in 2 days and it was devilishly sweet! I loved it!
  • Go see Alice in Wonderland and Remember Me.  Alice is fantastical and lovely and get ready to cry when watching Remember Me (its not about what you think its about).

One Response to “Moving Forward”

  1. Sierra Says:

    I need to see both those movies so bad!!!

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