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Cheesecake. January 19, 2010

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Today was a glorious day! My last Monday in Sonoma though before I head back to Santa Barbara 😦  But anyways, I slept in until 12:30 because I stayed up late watching Funny People. BAD.IDEA.HORRIBLE.MOVIE.WAY.TOO.LONG.

so i slept in a little bit.

Got up and had three eggo waffles just the way i like them. (I always eat a third of one without syrup on it because I love it, but then I also love it with syrup soo i just drizzle the rest w/syrup). ANYWAYS…I ventured down the way to my friend Erin’s abode to exchange some music and get ready to go to dinner! Erin, Kelsey, Megan and I went to Cheesecake Factory and had some yummy food! We were so stuffed by the end though that we had to get our cheesecake to go! I got Dulce de Leche…yummmyyyy!

When we got back we watched Chicago (my first time seeing it) I know, gasp! But it was soo good! I cannot believe I hadn’t seen it before! Such a great musical and such splendid actors!

And now its late and super dreadful outside (a few places in Sonoma even flooded today) and I must go to sleep. Work tomorrow all day…but my paycheck awaits me!



One Response to “Cheesecake.”

  1. Sierra Says:

    Cheese cake sounds bomb! and chicago is amazing!

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