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Bittersweet Symphony January 24, 2010

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In the morning I will be returning to Santa Barbara.  I’m bittersweet. I really do love living down there and love living with my best friend, love my school, and love how there are so many things to do in SB. BUT…I miss Sonoma, and my work, and my friends here, and my family.  I miss Sonoma weather and how I’m comfortable here.  It has now been three years since I graduated high school and I thought Santa Barbara would finally be the new place I could call home, but it’s turning out a lot differently than expected.  I think I just need to realized that I am a homebody and that I like being close to my family.  I like hanging out with old friends and I like the job that I have had since my sophomore year of high school.  I wish I had realized this sooner and that I was smart enough to think things through a bit more before picking up and moving all the way to Santa Barbara, but I try to take everything as an experience.  I try to live in the now and if moving to SB was what I thought to be a good idea at the time then I dont want to regret moving. And I don’t was to feel like it’s wrong to feel like moving again my be whats best for me now.  I think this semester is going to be spent finding a job, focusing on school, and thinking long and hard about  my future. I’ll be 21 in July and I should have this figured out by now.  I should be almost finished with college, yet I still have 2 maybe 3 more years.  I don’t want my parents to have to pay for 3 more years.  I need to start saving, I need to become more independent and stop calling my parents every time something is wrong, or if my bank account is too low.  If I want to travel in the near future I need to make that happen. I need to stop waiting around for whats next to come.

I am going to sleep on all of this and think a lot on my long 6hr drive back to SB. Bittersweet.                                                                                                                            Confused.                                                                                                                                            Tired.



Cheesecake. January 19, 2010

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Today was a glorious day! My last Monday in Sonoma though before I head back to Santa Barbara 😦  But anyways, I slept in until 12:30 because I stayed up late watching Funny People. BAD.IDEA.HORRIBLE.MOVIE.WAY.TOO.LONG.

so i slept in a little bit.

Got up and had three eggo waffles just the way i like them. (I always eat a third of one without syrup on it because I love it, but then I also love it with syrup soo i just drizzle the rest w/syrup). ANYWAYS…I ventured down the way to my friend Erin’s abode to exchange some music and get ready to go to dinner! Erin, Kelsey, Megan and I went to Cheesecake Factory and had some yummy food! We were so stuffed by the end though that we had to get our cheesecake to go! I got Dulce de Leche…yummmyyyy!

When we got back we watched Chicago (my first time seeing it) I know, gasp! But it was soo good! I cannot believe I hadn’t seen it before! Such a great musical and such splendid actors!

And now its late and super dreadful outside (a few places in Sonoma even flooded today) and I must go to sleep. Work tomorrow all day…but my paycheck awaits me!



Courtside… January 14, 2010

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Warriors game



Winter Break January 11, 2010

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I’ve had almost 6 weeks off for break about 10 more days to go and I haven’t written on here once. But I would like to share what I have done over the past month, so here it is.

  • went snowboarding for the 1st time ever!! SOOOO MUCH FUN
  • been working and saving my money
  • hanging out with old friends
  • movies seen in the theatre:
  1. It’s Complicated
  2. Avatar 3D
  3. Sherlock Holmes
  4. Leap Year
  5. Up in the Air
  6. Youth in Revolt
  7. The Young Victoria
  • I’ve also watched about 1,000 movies too.
  • Had a wonderful Christmas and New Years
  • Met Betsey Johnson
  • played too much Wii and Xbox
  • bought some new music
  • baked raisin bars, chocolate crinkles, Raspberry linzer cookies, brownies, chocolate cake, etc.
  • have hardly cleaned at all
  • Went to Fig Cafe  and Cheesecake Factory with my girls
  • Went to Tahoe twice
  • Went to the city for a friend’s 21st
  • Went to the Gym w/Katelynn
  • Computer broke and had to spend some of my hard earned money:(

So this break has been pretty eventful and I am sure that these last 10 days will be twice as crazy as the rest of my break! I getting ready to be ready to head back down to SB but, I love nor cal and Sonoma I don’t want to leave quite yet!