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The past month wrapped into 1 blog post… October 6, 2009

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Jeez am i bad at this whole blog thing.  To my defense i have been pretty busy since my last post.

school began August 24th and has been going pretty well so far.  Right now I am majoring in Art History, so i am taking a class from Ancient to Gothic art, which I love.  We just finished learning about Ancient Egypt (i could talk about it all day long)!  I am also taking an Intro to Botany class, which is also super fun and interesting.  The lab is my favorite, we get to look at plants under microscopes, study flowers, and make marmalade!  I am also taking an english class online, as well as a math class partially online.  I only have to go to the class once every other week, which is nice.  I absolutely love my school! SBCC is so pretty, the view of the ocean is amazing, and i have met some really nice people so far.

besides school, i started babysitting for a family and love it! It’s these two boys, ages 7 and 9 with the brightest  most interesting imaginations i have ever seen!  They have the best ideas, and so many thoughts and things to say, i love it!  and they live on a big ranch, so there is always something to do.

I’ve gone home twice in the past month, and am going home again next weekend for a wedding (my best friend’s mom is getting married and i’m catering!)  Its been good, ive been getting an even amount of IV, and Sonoma, i think it’s good for me.  Last weekend, i went to Vegas, with some new friends and we had a blast.  Some interesting stories and adventures, but I had such a great time!

Lets see, in terms of new interesting things:

  • Go see The September Issue (about Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour) beautiful and amazing, i think im going to subscribe to the magazine now!
  • I’ve also gotten a crazy amount of new music. To name just some–Cage the Elephant (self-titled album), ER- Elizabethan Report, band from Utah been hanging out in SB really nice and really good, La Roux (self-titled album), loving Owl City, as well as Coconut Records (Jason Schwartzman’s band)…and that’s just some of my favs.

I’m so tired now so i’m going to sleep:) hopefully i’ll get better @ posting! xoxo


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