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I dont even know… August 23, 2009

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Yesterday was one of the most productive days I have had all summer, which is pretty sad because I really should have a job by now and still don’t.  School starts on Monday, so yesterday I went to school and took my math placement test to see what math class i would take, and i got placed into the one below the one i wanted so, im not too bummed on that.  Now i just need to crash a class sometime next week, so i actually end up in the math class.  After getting my books and walking around campus i went grocery shopping, which was much needed, and still haven’t really gotten enough to last me, so in the next couple days ill be going out to the store again.  At 4pm i had a job interview for a babysitting job that initially is only for the next couple weeks but could be longer.  i seriously hope that I get the job, because I love being around kids, and pretty much just need something to do with my free time.  I’m excited that i am actually going to start being busy again, because this summer was fun, but i think i would have enjoyed it more if i was making money too.

Tonight i really wanted to go out, but my roommate didn’t really want to.  After a while i convinced her to go, even though not much was going on, i just really felt like going out,  when we finally got out the door, i was over it right away, but we walked around, and really didn’t find much.  We both weren’t feeling it and then just came back home.  its ok though, because im tired anyways.  i felt bad, but the night was dead from the start i think.

Tomorrow i don’t know what im going to do, hopefully sleep in and maybe clean up a bit around the house.  but other than that it’s my LAST DAY OF SUMMER so im just going to do nothing…all day haha

well im tired now so goodnight 🙂


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