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BUSY BUSY BUSY April 21, 2009

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wow i have been so busy lately…i did say i would forget to write on here!

OK so, my best friend is home for a couple weeks and i have been spending every minute with him!! He is the best and I’ll be sad when he leaves for Malibu in May.  But it wont be long until I’m in sunny Santa Barbara for the summer and i can drive down to Malibu to see him! I am just so excited to move!! Especially since I’ll be living with my girl, we are gonna have a blast!!

Anyways, i have been so busy with school, work, and actually a tiny social life so i’ll try to get back on here regularly!

  • $2 Tuesdays @ City Nights in San Fran! So worth it!!
  • Marie Claire magazine! My new fav!
  • Parks and Recreation! Watch it!!