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Watermelon Airheads @ 2am… March 28, 2009

Filed under: Cooking,Food,Movies — kateliveslaughsloves @ 9:11 am

Today I worked all day. I work at this kitchen store on the Sonoma Plaza and have been there for almost 4 years! I am so ready to leave! It’s pretty much the same thing eveyday with the same people and the same crazy customers!  So that was my day today…I know boring! O but we got this great cookbook in called Apple for Jam, which looks amazing, I have to have it!!!!  It’s organized by color…

After I got home, I made some brownies and was planning on going to the movies with friends. We really wanted to see Duplicity, with Julia Roberts (my fav) and Clive Owen.  We totally got the times wrong and have to literally speed all the way to Rohnert Park @ 10:35 for a 10:55 movie!! O ya Rohnert Part is about 30 min away. Anywho, we made it, about 10 minutes late, but we got the jist of the movie.  Not what I thought, but still interesting and pretty sexy if you ask me! HA

On the way back we stopped and got watermelon airheads! 25cents each! YUMMY                               Goodnight! xoxo


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